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15 Awesome Eco-Documentaries

The independent film-makers of today deserve recognition for their commendable efforts in journalism. Some have been very effective in bringing about change and elevating public awareness about key environmental issues. We take a look at 10 really impactful and...
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Utility-scale solar in South Atlantic region dominated by North Carolina, Georgia says EIA

Most of the utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) electric generating capacity has been installed in the southwestern part of the country in states such as California and Arizona, which together accounted for 64% of the national total as of September 2015. The South...
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Samsung and Pattern Development Start Operations at 180 MW Armow Wind Power Facility in Ontario

Built by Ontario workers with Ontario-made products, Armow Wind is now creating clean power for up to 70,000 Ontario homes each year TORONTO, Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Armow Wind power facility in Ontario is now up and running. Samsung Renewable Energy, Inc....
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Designer’s seamless metal furniture is frozen, not welded

Beginning with freezing metal with snow, this designer does away with welding completely by using liquid nitrogen in this series of dramatic metal furniture...
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The power of women: combating blizzards, droughts and the changing climate

In the past seven days, the east coast of the United States was hammered with one of the biggest snowstorms it has ever seen and a breaking report was published stating that 2015 broke records as hottest year in history by about 0.14°C. All around us, extreme...
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Environmental horticulturist Kim Eierman Launches Campaign to Help Bees and Pollinators with Home Gardening Practices

New York, NY — Piggybacking off the White House’s May release of the Pollinator Research Action Plan, environmental horticulturist Kim Eierman is launching a campaign to make American homeowners and gardeners aware of strategies they can implement in their own gardens...
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Why and How to Buy Eco-Friendly Furniture

Today, I'm happy to welcome guest blogger, Satinder Haer, who is offering her expertise on why you should look into buying eco-friendly furniture and what to look for.     Why and How to Buy Eco-Friendly Furniture By Satinder Haer Buying furniture is a task that most...
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6 Sexy Yet Cheap Date Ideas for Frugal Couples

Whether you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, or just want keep the romance alive, we have some cheap date ideas to help you frugal couples out there. Some folks think having a good time means spending bucketloads of money; other folks are less...
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We Want Safer Flooring and Furniture

Over a year ago I joined thousands of others and wrote a letter to Macy’s letting them know that I was concerned about toxic chemicals that may be in products they were selling.  I was especially concerned about toxic flame retardants,...
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Stool ZERO: Handwoven seating made from recycled fans & wire

Vibrantly colored wire is saved from the landfill and woven into recycled fan cages to produce these fresh pieces of furniture.
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