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Top 10 Reasons You Need to See the Movie STINK!

Have you heard of STINK! yet? It’s the movie the chemical industry doesn’t want you to see. The Minneapolis premier of STINK! was last night and I had the honor of speaking on a panel afterwards. The viewing was sponsored by Beautycounter and...
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Designer’s seamless metal furniture is frozen, not welded

Beginning with freezing metal with snow, this designer does away with welding completely by using liquid nitrogen in this series of dramatic metal furniture...
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At IDS16: an affordable, minimal and ergonomic standing desk

It's really all you need in this era of notebook computers.
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7 Simple Steps to A Green Office

Why A Green Office? Definitely one can't deny the growing environmental awareness and concerns today. The planet today is in fact in danger as issues particularly pollution (of any type), climate change, and massive deforestation activities spread around the globe. It...
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Over-hunting in Amazon threatens global carbon budget

CORVALLIS, Ore. – The vast forests of the Amazon store enormous amounts of carbon that help moderate the Earth’s temperature, but a new study shows that this carbon-storing capacity is being threatened by over-hunting. Wide-scale reduction of fruit-eating...
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Clean Beauty Finds: Creamy Facial Cleansers

Greener, cleaner beauty products. I’ve talked to a lot of you who are looking for better versions of conventional products you use every day – from shampoo to eye shadow to nail polish and everything in between. There are plenty of choices out there...
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Iris by Lowe’s Smart Plug is Purely Smart

Only when one plugs in a smart plug from Iris by Lowe’s do we realize its full potential. What Made this So Special? Not only does it restrict or in a smart way deliver the electricity through the outlet to the plug, it also has a control for shutting that actual plug...
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30 Days of Retail Restraint May Inspire a New Minimalist Wardrobe Mindset

Sometimes less really is more, especially when it comes to our wardrobes. In fact, some professional women and bloggers have made a lifestyle choice opting for a permanently clean closet in exchange for a minimalist wardrobe consisting of their most significant...
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Why and How to Buy Eco-Friendly Furniture

Today, I'm happy to welcome guest blogger, Satinder Haer, who is offering her expertise on why you should look into buying eco-friendly furniture and what to look for.     Why and How to Buy Eco-Friendly Furniture By Satinder Haer Buying furniture is a task that most...
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12 Photos of Buildings Made from Shipping Containers

12 Photos of fully-functional homes, shops and offices built from upcycled shipping containers.
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Safe, healthy cookware from Fagor America in the Eartheasy.com store

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