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Why You Should Be (Under)Wearing Breathable Bamboo

Thank you to Boody for sponsoring this post. Shall we talk about underwear today? Why not, right? We put on our panties, socks, bras and camis every day without giving it much thought….but maybe we should. When it comes to underwear I’ve always heard cotton, cotton,...

We Want Safer Flooring and Furniture

Over a year ago I joined thousands of others and wrote a letter to Macy’s letting them know that I was concerned about toxic chemicals that may be in products they were selling.  I was especially concerned about toxic flame retardants, which...continue reading this...

Stool ZERO: Handwoven seating made from recycled fans & wire

Vibrantly colored wire is saved from the landfill and woven into recycled fan cages to produce these fresh pieces of furniture.

Iris by Lowe’s Smart Plug is Purely Smart

Only when one plugs in a smart plug from Iris by Lowe’s do we realize its full potential. What Made this So Special? Not only does it restrict or in a smart way deliver the electricity through the outlet to the plug, it also has a control for shutting that actual plug...

Fallen tree branches transformed into elegant furniture

The inherent grace and beauty of trees are conserved in this collection of simple but refined furniture, made with salvaged tree...

This dude is making a difference

How far would you go to make a difference in the future of the planet? Rob Greenfield’s journey is a bit of an extreme one, but his example offers plenty of food for thought for the rest of us. Rob Greenfield’s adventures have been covered on the web many times...

Eco-friendly Candles

When you want to start living a greener lifestyle, you might think that using candles as an alternative to electric lights is a good idea. However, you should be careful about which candles you burn. Most candles are paraffin-based and cause indoor polluting of the...

Outstanding Green Cleaning Standards by Cincinnati’s Jani-King

Green Business Award is one of the most coveted awards in USA. Presented by U.S Green Building Council and Cincinnati Business Council, Jani-King Cincinnati had become a finalist for the year 2012. The nomination of the award came as Jani-King implemented the...

UpUp Play Tower is a standing desk, jungle gym and play space all rolled into one

Passive house designer creates a very active play house.

This gorgeous standing desk is sleek, smart, and sustainable

Made by NextDesk, the Encore is ideally green, with bamboo top, recycled aluminum frame, and VOC-free coating - perfect for this TreeHugger writer!

Safe, healthy cookware from Fagor America in the Eartheasy.com store

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