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Daddy’s Home Movie Premiere brings home Eco Celebration for Ford

Back in late December I had been invited to the movie premiere of Daddy’s Home with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Hannibal Buress. I saw all of them. It was amazing being right there with them for the premiere. So cool and everyone had fun. I even...
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11 Offbeat Fashion Bags for the Quirky Girl

Add one (or all) of these quirky fashion bags to your closet. Whether you call them bags, purses, handbags, or what have you, some of us just aren’t into the whole “designer” fashion bag thing. It isn’t that we don’t like making a...
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Is There Asbestos In Your Child’s School?

This post about was originally published at Moms Clean Air Force Do you know if your child’s school building has asbestos? When we send our children off to school each morning there’s an underlying assumption that they are headed to a... continue reading this post...
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10 Green and Eco-Friendly Products for Your Garden

Here is a list of some cool eco-friendly products for your garden.   1. Solar Lighting Solar lighting for the garden can range from decorative to general purpose to security lighting. Solar lanterns and candles are great decorative objects. General purpose solar...
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Top 10 Reasons You Need to See the Movie STINK!

Have you heard of STINK! yet? It’s the movie the chemical industry doesn’t want you to see. The Minneapolis premier of STINK! was last night and I had the honor of speaking on a panel afterwards. The viewing was sponsored by Beautycounter and...
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Conceptual plant lab allows you to harvest ‘enriched’ air to breathe in

Like a green version of mood-altering wearable tech, this design allows you to optimize plant growing conditions, prompting them to release beneficial compounds into air that you can bag and breathe...
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Outstanding Green Cleaning Standards by Cincinnati’s Jani-King

Green Business Award is one of the most coveted awards in USA. Presented by U.S Green Building Council and Cincinnati Business Council, Jani-King Cincinnati had become a finalist for the year 2012. The nomination of the award came as Jani-King implemented the...
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Online consignment furniture venture Move Loot discovers that ‘logistics are scary’

It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but bricks and mortar cost a lot of money.
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We Want Safer Flooring and Furniture

Over a year ago I joined thousands of others and wrote a letter to Macy’s letting them know that I was concerned about toxic chemicals that may be in products they were selling.  I was especially concerned about toxic flame retardants,...
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Let’s Talk More About Water

As many readers know, I have long emphasized the coming global water crisis and its relationship to a healthy ocean. And in my forthcoming book, THE ONCE AND FUTURE OCEAN: Notes Toward a New Hydraulic Society, I offer a greater amplification of this synergy and how it...
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Safe, healthy cookware from Fagor America in the Eartheasy.com store

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