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7 Simple Steps to A Green Office

Why A Green Office? Definitely one can't deny the growing environmental awareness and concerns today. The planet today is in fact in danger as issues particularly pollution (of any type), climate change, and massive deforestation activities spread around the globe. It...
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Build your own earthbag house for $11.50/sq ft

Looking for a DIY construction technique for building your own affordable earthquake-, flood-, and bullet-resistant home? Look no further. There are a lot of variations of designs for homes built with earth, from Mike Oehler’s classic $50 underground house to rammed...
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Minimalist cork-like stools are made from landfill-diverted seagrass

Tons of seagrass from the German coast are landfilled each year, but this designer believes there could be many ways to reuse this natural...
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10 Ways to Use the Sun at Home

Here comes the sun As I looked outside my office window this morning and saw a light dusting of snow I was forced to squint and close the wood slat shades. The sun was beaming in, filling my entire work space with radiant sunlight....continue...
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Test Review of the Honda Civic Hybrid Electric Car Limited on Answers.com

This was a fun car to drive. I like having a 50 mpg across the board, especially since I have a Honda Civic and need to upgrade it inevitably. Right? Here is my review: For a hybrid electric car, the Honda Civic hybrid is an average fuel economy of 50 mpg. Yet inside,...
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Four Graphics (And A Book) That Help Explain Climate Change

Though blizzards and cold snaps may have made you forget the news from last week, 2015 was the warmest year in NASA’s global temperature record, which dates back to 1880. During a January 2016 press conference (see the slides here), Gavin Schmidt,...
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Daddy’s Home Movie Premiere brings home Eco Celebration for Ford

Back in late December I had been invited to the movie premiere of Daddy’s Home with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Hannibal Buress. I saw all of them. It was amazing being right there with them for the premiere. So cool and everyone had fun. I even...
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If our current approach to recycling isn’t the best for the economy or the environment, why do we do it? Amy Westervelt @amywestervelt Environmental journalist, Climate Confidential February 8, 2016 — Criticize recycling and you may as well be using a fume-spewing...
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7 Strange Uses For Candle Stubs

From Networx's Katie Marks: This winter, it's likely you'll be burning a lot of candles; for entertaining, for ambient lighting, and perhaps for th... Read more: Upcycle, Uses for Candle Stubs, Eco Living, Eco Friendly Living, Recycle, Uses for Candle Stub, Candle...
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10 Green and Eco-Friendly Products for Your Garden

Here is a list of some cool eco-friendly products for your garden.   1. Solar Lighting Solar lighting for the garden can range from decorative to general purpose to security lighting. Solar lanterns and candles are great decorative objects. General purpose solar...
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