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10 Green and Eco-Friendly Products for Your Garden

Here is a list of some cool eco-friendly products for your garden.   1. Solar Lighting Solar lighting for the garden can range from decorative to general purpose to security lighting. Solar lanterns and candles are great decorative objects. General purpose solar...
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Samsung and Pattern Development Start Operations at 180 MW Armow Wind Power Facility in Ontario

Built by Ontario workers with Ontario-made products, Armow Wind is now creating clean power for up to 70,000 Ontario homes each year TORONTO, Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Armow Wind power facility in Ontario is now up and running. Samsung Renewable Energy, Inc....
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Monique F. Leroux at the Canadian Club of Montreal – Canada must be at the forefront of green technologies

Greener development will benefit all sectors of Canada’s economy and will create long-term jobs MONTREAL, Feb. 8, 2016 /CNW Telbec/ – Addressing members of the Canadian Club of Montreal today, Desjardins Group president, CEO and chair of the board Monique F. Leroux...
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New air quality & CO2 monitor helps us visualize the invisible threats in our air

The best feature of the AirVisual Node, described as “the most precise consumer air quality monitor on the market,” might have nothing to do with its sensors. How do you track the invisible? How do you know if the CO2 level in your home gets dangerously high, or if...
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Test Review of the Honda Civic Hybrid Electric Car Limited on Answers.com

This was a fun car to drive. I like having a 50 mpg across the board, especially since I have a Honda Civic and need to upgrade it inevitably. Right? Here is my review: For a hybrid electric car, the Honda Civic hybrid is an average fuel economy of 50 mpg. Yet inside,...
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Environmental horticulturist Kim Eierman Launches Campaign to Help Bees and Pollinators with Home Gardening Practices

New York, NY — Piggybacking off the White House’s May release of the Pollinator Research Action Plan, environmental horticulturist Kim Eierman is launching a campaign to make American homeowners and gardeners aware of strategies they can implement in their own gardens...
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4 Innovative Ideas Transforming Their Industries in 2016

Are you good at spotting innovation within your industry, or are you constantly playing catch-up? Executives spend a lot of time talking about innovation and creativity in company pitches, but studies show that more often than not, it's all talk and little...
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Clean Beauty Finds: Creamy Facial Cleansers

Greener, cleaner beauty products. I’ve talked to a lot of you who are looking for better versions of conventional products you use every day – from shampoo to eye shadow to nail polish and everything in between. There are plenty of choices out there...
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This dude is making a difference

How far would you go to make a difference in the future of the planet? Rob Greenfield’s journey is a bit of an extreme one, but his example offers plenty of food for thought for the rest of us. Rob Greenfield’s adventures have been covered on the web many times...
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The power of women: combating blizzards, droughts and the changing climate

In the past seven days, the east coast of the United States was hammered with one of the biggest snowstorms it has ever seen and a breaking report was published stating that 2015 broke records as hottest year in history by about 0.14°C. All around us, extreme...
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