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4 Innovative Ideas Transforming Their Industries in 2016

Are you good at spotting innovation within your industry, or are you constantly playing catch-up? Executives spend a lot of time talking about innovation and creativity in company pitches, but studies show that more often than not, it's all talk and little...
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Why and How to Buy Eco-Friendly Furniture

Today, I'm happy to welcome guest blogger, Satinder Haer, who is offering her expertise on why you should look into buying eco-friendly furniture and what to look for.     Why and How to Buy Eco-Friendly Furniture By Satinder Haer Buying furniture is a task that most...
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Coal and Gas Money Won’t Buy Our Vote

By Charlie Wood & Isaac Astill, 350.org Australia For too long, the corridors of power in our parliament have been polluted by corporate Australia, not least big coal and gas. For too long, the shadow of the coal and gas industry has loomed large over so many of...
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Green Growth and Sustainable Development

NEW DELHI, February 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — National and State Level Assessments Provide Incisive Understanding of Climate Resilient Interventions Required for Inclusive Green Growth Key Highlights: – At national level, green growth interventions in energy sector can...
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The Secret Sauce to Developing Sustainable Communities

Magic Dance by Karen Soul Spider Light. Illustration from The Wings of the Heart written by Kevin Red Bear Dubrow. A man goes on a journey to recover his heart wings and encounters the Sufi Whirling Dervishes who ecstatically dance with love. www.karenlight.com By...
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Let’s Talk More About Water

As many readers know, I have long emphasized the coming global water crisis and its relationship to a healthy ocean. And in my forthcoming book, THE ONCE AND FUTURE OCEAN: Notes Toward a New Hydraulic Society, I offer a greater amplification of this synergy and how it...
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30 Days of Retail Restraint May Inspire a New Minimalist Wardrobe Mindset

Sometimes less really is more, especially when it comes to our wardrobes. In fact, some professional women and bloggers have made a lifestyle choice opting for a permanently clean closet in exchange for a minimalist wardrobe consisting of their most significant...
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Lower heating bills with this wacky multifunctional Japanese invention

Looking like a cross between a low table, futon, recliner and a comforter, this heated piece of furniture helps keep people warm in the...
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Samsung and Pattern Development Start Operations at 180 MW Armow Wind Power Facility in Ontario

Built by Ontario workers with Ontario-made products, Armow Wind is now creating clean power for up to 70,000 Ontario homes each year TORONTO, Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Armow Wind power facility in Ontario is now up and running. Samsung Renewable Energy, Inc....
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At IDS16: an affordable, minimal and ergonomic standing desk

It's really all you need in this era of notebook computers.
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Safe, healthy cookware from Fagor America in the Eartheasy.com store

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