A child’s capability to learn from toys is among the most inspiring moments for several parents. Childrens’ minds are just like sponges and they also detect new ideas rapidly so use every moment to train them valuable skills. Even simple toys like wooden blocks, play trucks and activity sets can be quite educational. Think just like a child, use your imagination and both child and parent may benefit from that quality play time.

Buying eco-friendly toys and activities for our kids may not be easy. It can be difficult to balance the educational and developmental worth of a toy from the toy’s technique of production, the standard of materials, as well as the environmental responsibility with the corporate manufacturer. And most importantly, will our child even LIKE it?

Natural toys concentrate on creativity and imagination. They encourage children to put down battery operated toys and games and create their own fun. Most natural toys are open ended – they are often whatever children want them to be.



What Is An Eco-Friendly Toy?

So what is really a toy an eco-friendly toy? Simply put, the toys are produced from recycled materials. Recycled plastic like milk jugs could be a fantastic way to create plastic building block sets, or play tool sets. There are literally hundreds of toys that could be manufactured by recycled materials, and luckily many toy companies are putting forth the time and effort now. One of the most timeless toys still out there are vacation cabin toys and building kits. Believe it or not, these toys were typically made out of real wood which took its toll on the environment.

In case you are searching for environmentally friendly toys you should know that the plastic that is usually used in conventionally-produced large retail store toys is derived from non-renewable oil resources. Some wooden toys are constructed with non-recycled wood. Another fact about toys is that many of them are actually made with chemicals you do not want anywhere near your infant. In case you want green toys you must avoid getting plastic ones as much as you’ll be able to, try to find eco-friendly toys made from recycled wood, recycled plastics, wool and also other natural or organic materials.



Plastic Eco-Friendly Toys

Typically the toys that large chains like Target and stores from the like sell are constructed of plastics. Plastics leech the colouring they’ve absorbed. The effect on this is young kids who usually put toys within their mouths swallow the substances that this manufacturers use to colour the plastic also it can lead them to end up ill. In addition to leeching these chemicals plastic toys are often made from PVC plastics which, when ingested, could cause children for being sick. Not only are these toys potentially harmful, they cannot last as long and often break with less effort. When discarded these toys tend not to decompose much like the environmentally friendly toys do and cause more problems for our ecosystem in the long run.


Ever wonder how are you affected to all or any those plastic milk jugs you’re chucking inside the recycling bin? Well, the luckiest ones among them are enjoying new life as totally cool, award-winning toys, because of the efforts of eco-friendly toys companies like Green Toys. The San Francisco-based company’s simple, imagination-friendly, beautifully designed toys are made in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs.



Wooden Eco-Friendly Toys

Solid wood toys are highly valued in a number of families for their longevity and organic beauty. They can withstand damage that synthetic based gadgets just cannot handle. Wooden items are usually the most vintage and durable gadgets. They may be also significantly less dangerous in comparison to electronic toys. They are not only bright and sturdy; they normally are more resistant towards shocks than plastic toys.

They are less available these days, nonetheless it does not necessarily mean, the modern plastic types tend to be better. They are tough, reliable, and do not have batteries, flashing lights, and cables that may be unhealthy for little people. Wooden merchandise is strong and still provide longevity, that’s what almost every mum or dad are searching for. Educational toys never get old and they’ll often be part of our childhood today, tomorrow and for years into the future.



Eco-Friendly Toys for Older Kids

Older children will benefit greatly from more advanced educational toys. Products like science kits, solar kits and much more complex building systems are good tools. Kits like these are extremely popular in schools which means your kids will appreciate the opportunity to build confidence in the home, whilst learning something totally new.


Toys that motivate interest for science are effective in promoting curiosity and nurturing inquisitive young minds, these wonderful products increase receptiveness and disposition towards learning. Science toys include sets from magnetic toys to sets featuring science projects for children and experiments. Robots are probably the most popular technology themed toys but unfortunately, most robot toys in the marketplace have a violent and/or war theme.

If you find it overwhelming to discover good toy stores on your own, you will find useful the help of blogs and websites such as this and others. There are a countless number of parenting blogs and mom blogs that provide reviews, recommendations and links to online toy stores. Blogs will also be an excellent spot to be inspired and obtain ideas for what sort of toy you should look for. A lot of these blogs host contests and giveaways, if you decide to jump in and participate you could be lucky and win some cool toys!



Buying Eco-Friendly Toys

Some tips for buying green products include buying locally, which assists local economies and will save on transportation fuel use, and, price. Try to find toys which are sustainable or made out of biodegradable and renewable products. Beyond exactly what the toy is made from, make an effort to consider the quality of the overall product. The higher the quality the more likely it can easily be handed down for decades instead of finding themselves in a landfill.

Toys manufactured from local materials, perhaps by local artisans, might be best from the environmental standpoint. It is certainly much better than when the recyclables were shipped overseas and then the finished toys were shipped back, which is often the situation. You may find locally made toys, usually excellent quality items, at local fairs and even farmers markets sometimes.

Today it’s possible to find natural and eco-friendly toys almost everywhere you go. If you do not live near a large toy store, there is no problem finding quality toys on the net. At places like you will get the most wonderful handmade and unique toys made from wood, cotton, wool, silk, etc. all created in small quantities by incredibly talented craftsmen. Look around, find your favourites, and you can even get custom-made products just to suit you.