Here is a list of some cool eco-friendly products for your garden.


1. Solar Lighting

Solar lighting for the garden can range from decorative to general purpose to security lighting.

Solar lanterns and candles are great decorative objects. General purpose solar light charge during the day and light up automatically during the dark. Solar security lights function in the same way normal security lights do. The most common are motion-detector lights.


2. Solar Fountain / Birdbath

The solar fountain is unique in the sense that it does not require additional wiring to an external power source. Typical fountains and birdbaths are powered by an electric pump that regulates the water flow to the fountain. Solar fountains and birdbaths do not need electrical wiring as they are equipped with their own power source – solar energy! Some fountains and birdbaths have an internal reservoir that recycles itself, therefore is very self-sustaining.


3. Eco-Friendly Pots

A lot of pots for plants nowadays are made from plastic. Not only is there danger of leeching of chemicals from this plastic into the soil your plants are growing in, there is also the issue of disposing of these pots once broken or not in use. Eco-friendly pots are either made from bio-degradable material or recycled material.


4. The Composter

Composting is the process of converting yard and kitchen waste into organic material used as fertilizer for organic farming. A composter is a tool, usually mechanical in design, that aids in this process. The composter is usually designed in such a way so that unpleasant odor resulting from the composting process is trapped inside the container and not released into the atmosphere. This odor is actually the result of microbe activity in the degradation process. The composter is also usually designed for easy access when adding waste material for composting. A lot employ a drum design with a handle for rotating the drum. This helps distribute the compos material evenly during the process and helps with the breakdown process.


5. Eco-Friendly Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture for the garden are normally made from recycled materials. Eco-friendly furniture is also coated with natural or organic coating. This helps protect you from VOCs and other toxins that are present in synthetic furniture coatings.


6. Recycling Bins

Having recycling bins outside your house should coincide with a similar system inside the house. If you have a sorting station indoors, even the better. Trash pre-sort has become enforceable legislation in many locales all over the world. In countries where recycling is more widely and deeply practices, trash pre-sorting has become second nature, and it is often more shocking to find people who do not actively recycle their consumables.


7. Bike Rack

A bike rack is a great addition to any organization, or even your home. With cities like Portland, Los Angeles, and even congested New York dedicating bike lanes for the comfort of riders, it is no longer a strange sight to find a bike rack outside a store, office building or park.


8. Canopy

Perhaps you need a canopy for your patio or gazebo. Maybe you just want a simple shade for the outdoor grill. Consider products made from either bio-degradable or recycled materials. If you are unable to find one at your local hardware or home decor store, try your local camping and survival gear store. A lot of outdoors-men have been more in tune with the environmental movement than the rest of us, and have a very mature market of eco-friendly products.


9. Weed Control

Weedkiller use has been an issue for us since they began using them. More and more reports are surfacing about the adverse long-erm effects of pesticide use in plants towards human, animal and plant life. It should be of great concern that you would decide to use weedkillers in your lawn. Even of more dire concern if you use weedkillers to control weeds among plants that you might be growing to feed your family, or others.

There are eco-friendly ways to control weed infestation among plants and crops. There are tools that use electricity to kill weeds from the root, and others that help you root out the entire weed from the ground using power tools.


10. Pest Control

Ants. Spiders. Roaches. These are typical critters that will and have invaded your home from the outdoors. If you are running a business, the presence of these insects on your premise could mean the end for your business. If you frequently entertain company, the presence of these animals within eyesight of your guests could spell lots of lonely nights ahead for you. Pesticides and weedkillers really are pretty much the same thing. One effects plants while the other effects specific species of animals. As in almost all animals. Including humans. The truth is nature has devised natural ways if repelling creatures that are repulsive to you. The key is to find substances which they are repulsed to. There are numerous ant, spider, roach and other bug repellents available on the market today. They use organic or natural substances that do not have a negative effect towards the planet or human life. Only a lot of irritation to critters.