Moldergent 2 in 1 Mold Remover and Laundry Detergent 1 Gallon


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  • Moldergent is a special formulated liquid laundry detergent to subsidize and remove mold spores from your clothing. By neutralizing and changing the DNA make-up of the mold spores which have grown on your laundry. Modergent is the 1st ever laundry detergent to specifically be formulated to safely remove mold and mildew from clothing. Not only a great application for laundry, Modergent is being used by mold remediation companies to scrub down hospitals and internal building surfaces to collapse any new possible mold amplification that may spring up. A powerful and 100% organic mold cleaning solution for clothing and laundry. Specially formulated by Green Bean cleaners.

  • Price (USD): 49.00
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