Why You Should Switch to Green Cleaning


Traditionally, companies hire commercial cleaning companies to handle the cleaning and maintenance of their offices. However, oftentimes the cleaning company hired will not employ green or eco-friendly cleaning methods. It is well known now that chemical-based cleaning compounds aren’t always the healthier choice when it comes to cleaning your home or office. Traditional mass-market cleaning products mainly contain chemicals or toxins that can cause harmful effects to humans and the planet.

With 30% of U.S. workers suffering from health conditions caused by “Sick Building Syndrome,” companies are vastly under-utilizing their human resources and underestimating the main advantages of switching to green cleaning. A 2002 study through the Indoor Environment Department with the Lawrence Berkley National Design Laboratory in California discovered that the improved air quality by utilization of green design, building materials, and technologies can lower sick building symptoms by 20% to 50%. In particular, employees who suffer from asthma will see a large improvement of their health and productivity when dust and VOCs are taken from a cubicle airspace. Get the most through your employees by maintaining them healthy with green cleaning.

The magnitude of potential exposure from not using green cleaning products and green janitorial supplies is huge. About 2.8 million janitors are employed in the $50 billion janitorial industry. Coupling this with all the amount of people who perform light cleaning on a routine or occasional basis, and the various building occupants, implies that lots of people are confronted with hazardous traditional petrochemical-based, volatile organic compound (VOC) laced cleaning products. The Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network has published data estimating six of every 100 janitorial workers injured face to face each year are hurt through the cleaning chemicals they’ll use.

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Exposure to potent substances over a long period of time has been seen as to be very harmful. Workers who use these products regularly have increased risk for skin disorders, respiratory problems, organ complications, and cancer. Increased health threats as well as environmental exposure have put these potentially hazardous chemical cleaning products in the public eye and on the government radar. Many organizations are actually monitoring their use or switching to green cleaning solvent providers. Products are being designed for increased safety, minimal evaporation, and to contain better solutes. By switching to those cleaning agents, businesses are able to protect their workers alongside developing a history of environmental consciousness which is often highly regarded among consumers.

The average housekeeping company still uses chemicals which aren’t considered green as they are usually derived from synthetically-produced chemicals and not organic or natural substances. For instance if someone was trying to cope with Hard Water Spots piled up on the glass shower walls they will need an acid based cleaner, which would be the best option for cleaning this kind of stain. Phosphoric acid works very well and is also safe for most surfaces. Most cleaners available in stores contain 4% to 6% phosphoric acid. While these still get the job done it’s also possible to get a stronger solution of phosphoric acid from your local janitorial supply shop, and have the task done faster. Using a higher concentration of acid remains safe for many surfaces if you rinse the outer lining well. All you do is apply the acid and permit it to sit for a few minutes. Then simply scrub the impacted areas for a cleaner and more refreshed living space.

Commercially available chemically-based cleaning agents usually contain high degrees of phosphates or chlorine that can seriously harm the surroundings along with trigger adverse health problems, such as allergies or asthma. Some even contain toxic substances that stay with surfaces for a while following cleaning. If you wish to avoid such complications and never having to compromise on cleaning power, it’s a wise decision to look into green cleaning products from leading suppliers.


Choosing and Buying Green Cleaning Products and Services

grean cleaningGreen cleaning products not only benefit the earth, but in addition help out with safeguarding the residents of a home or business from unnecessary chemical exposure. Although there is a typical perception among homeowners that their green cleaning products are probably not as strong or effective as chemical cleaning products, green products are in most ways just as effective.

However, it is rather important to make sure that you choose the green cleaning products from authorized distributors. While purchasing the cleaner, be sure you ask for a certificate having a warranty period. This will help you to find damages if your product does not match its standards. Getting a suitable green cleaning product can guide you to keep the surroundings clean, attracting new customers. In addition, you can get those nasty areas clean without causing any harm to them. Numerous tests and trials have finally proven that green cleaning merchandise are suitable for use on any surface. So, whether you want to clean your carpets, ovens, counters or drains, you do have a great option available in green cleaners. These cleaners are priced reasonably making it easier for many individuals to get and employ them at their restaurants and food joints. we clean green

It doesn’t matter if you need one item or perhaps a truckload of supplies, shopping on the web makes all the purchasing task easier plus it does not take hours of energy to determine everything available. You get great online customer care support instantly from reliable vendors to reply to any queries making your shopping successful. Any shipping costs are offset when your time is money!

If you want to change lives in your home or office it is important to choose green cleaning services. Many people have a false notion that green cleaning could be expensive. The truth is these services can do a great deal of benefit to you healthwise, and that it may potentially save a lot of medical bills for your family and employees. Cleaning using natural products will not produce harmful fumes and odor thereby ensuring that your family or employees are in the pink of health always.